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Project Description

.Net Dependencies provides different views of the dependencies between a serie of assemblies.

This application is developed in C# with the framework .Net 4.0 but works as well with assemblies generated with an other version of the framework.


I do this project to achieve three objectives:
  • Have a clear view of the dependencies of a project composed of several assemblies - In fact if your project is small enough to be in one assembly, there is no need to check its dependencies... so Keep It Simple :)
  • Try to use the ListView class to provide the same information with different views (a list, a table and a diagram).
  • Be a sample about what I consider good practices when working with the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) technology.

Current Status

The application provides two views about the dependencies:
Dependency Table Link View
Dependency Table Link View
A table that contains all the dlls (the lines) and their dependencies (the columns) a graph of the dependencies

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